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The Monks Contribution & Christian Writers Bias On Greek Philosophers

What kinds of contributions did the monks make to European society? Monasticism (mə-năs′tĭ-sĭz″əm) takes root early on in church history. It gave individuals the opportunity to separate themselves from the material world, so they can practice their spiritual life more intensely. Monasticism can be practiced in two different ways. Monks can either be eremitic, or cenobitic. Eremitic monasticism…

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Spreeder & It’s Benefits

Spreeder is a phenomenal way to practice your reading skills. To enhance them, and practice enhancing them daily. This website offers a 7-day free trial, and costs only $7 a month to continue. This website guarantees progress with it’s thousands of hours of refined material, so that the consumer can read 3X their regular pace.…

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